In the centre of South Africa, lies the fertile and beautiful Vaalharts Valley formed millions of years ago by a giant glacier. Here, in the midst of the semi-dessert of the Northern Cape Province, lay the Vaalharts Irrigation project, which comprises 43,000 hectares, cradled between the Harts- and the Vaalrivers. Hartswater, the main center of the Irrigation project, is home to P.S.A

Staff at Pecans South Africa:

Pecan South Africa Manager

Cell: 082 069 1377


Cell: 082 325 1435


Office Manager

Cell: 064 653 5941

Point of Sale

Cell: 082 542 1761


The unique tastes and aromas of our Pecan nuts are due to the rich soils deposited by the glacier. We have very hot summers and mild winters, with less than 400mm of rain (mainly during the summer months) and a water table no more than 2 meters deep. An additional benefit is the fact that our Pecan trees are protected from pests and diseases by natural enemies and the isolation of the area limiting the use of pesticides. Until now it was not necessary to use chemical sprays on our trees.

P.S.A – Pecan nuts in elegant glass bottles labelled and designed to suit the needs of your lifestyle.

Truly a taste of Africa!

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